One Time Beliefs

Belief 1:

We believe Texas should be the feature state of Texas Hold'em. 

Belief 2:


We believe Poker is a game for everyone, but the spoils go to those who possess heart, grit, and discipline. One Time members will be judged solely by these virtues and nothing else. 


Belief 3:

We love competition, whether it be by way of poker, sports, or wits. At One Time, all such sporting events will be available for our members. 




One Time Members are encouraged to take part in and enjoy the following services:


  • Cash and Tournament Poker Games

  • Food and Drink (see below)

  • Entered into Leaderboard Contention

  • Access to all sporting events

  • Pool Table


Food and Alcohol 


While One Time Cardhouse does not cook food, we do accommodate food delivery - just talk to one of our Service Members and they will coordinate the delivery and waive any delivery fee.

Additionally, One Time Cardhouse has a full bar! Please note that if you become overly intoxicated you will be removed from the premise.